A new Internet Shopping Experience!

We are very excited about the emerging market for Smart TV's or "Connected TV". For us and our clients this means a shift in the way more than one person will experience the Internet. Now, this might not be news to everyone, however especially for our clients with high ticket items or shopping that requires a decision by more than one person in the household in particular furniture, holiday and real estate websites this will certainly aid conversions.

Our world class web design team are taking this new viewing experience in to consideration when implementing our latest website projects. Web design is more than just a great looking site, but designing a site that performs perfectly on all new platforms, mobile, smart TV, tablets etc. We're even seeing more e-commerce purchases on Nintendo Wii and Xboxes. 

50% of all new TV sales in the UK thus far in January have been for "connected TV's" If you are one of the first adapters to this. Take a look on your TV at some of our optimised for smart TV clients.

Twistfix Damp Proofing Products
Childrens Mattresses
Winchester Chesterfields

BBC Click recently went to Vegas and shows some of the manufacturers that are going full steam ahead in to this emerging market. Take a look here. We expected Smart TV's to really take off in 2012, however with the current state of the economy and the price of these first TV products it may not boom until 2013, but, Brick clients are already there!

If you would like to know more and how you can make sure your website engages multi-viewers, please get in touch.

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