A Journey to Modernity with Brick technology

A Journey to Modernity with Brick technology

A customer buying products and services online hits a number of key points on the journey, from seeing the product in an online ad and then discussing it with friends on social media to browsing several suppliers before finally committing to a purchase.

At every step of this journey, your company needs to maintain a seamless presence and deliver an experience that is:

  • Simple
    Brands that make it easier for customers to engage with them keep their customers for longer

  • Educational
    Your customers want to know how your products can make their life better, so teach them. ComScore took part in carrying out a study last year that showed 82% of digital buyers research products online before buying

  • Responsive
    Internet users don’t want the hassle of panning, zooming and repositioning and will quickly abandon an older, non-responsive site. Say goodbye to them!

  • Personalised
    Smart customers expect a smart experience online and personalisation is a big help in achieving this. A wide range of options including targeted landing pages is available and a talented digital agency like Brick technology can show you more ways

  • Safe
    Online security is big news and safety in the online environment is a big consideration of internet users. Make them feel secure about sharing their details by proving your credentials through your choice of web design and development company

  • Mobile
    This is one of the biggest growth areas of the internet as a whole and has become even more so since Google’s recent shake-up which uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal that affects the positioning of search results. This is not an option and your business is not going to survive online unless it provides optimised mobile access. Get moving!

Brick technology invite you to browse our work before contacting our team to arrange a free consultation of your company’s current online presence, if any. We will clearly and competently explain the options available, using our many years’ of experience to create a bespoke web design solution that is ready for today and the future. 

Brick technology Web Design Lancashire – for your journey to modernity.

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