116,000 TPM - An Olympic Record?

The London 2012 Olympic Games are now over, with the UK netting an impressive 65 medals of which 29 were gold. This represented third place on the medal table and five new world records were set by British athletes. All in all, the games provided a much-needed boost to the economy and morale of the country.

The logistics of London 2012 were enormously complicated. From the first brick laid in the new stadium to the last moments of the closing ceremony, the Games relied heavily on technology. Methods of timing and measuring athlete’s racing, jumping and throwing have vastly improved, making the games fairer and less open to ambiguity. Even just the live broadcasting of the event, seen by millions worldwide, required thousands of hours of work and was almost totally dependent on the internet.

A large screen installed behind the London Eye was given over to showing live tweets about the Games, sent in from all over the world. Twitter recorded an incredible 150 million tweets relating to the Games and the competing athletes, with Usain Bolt’s 100 and 200 metre record-breaking races attracting 74,000 and 80,000 tweets per minute (TPM) respectively. Bolt, along with other athletes including Tom Daley and Andy Murray, was mentioned in over a million tweets in total. Although athletics featured heavily in a large number of the tweets, the event that was actually most mentioned was football with over five million tweets. Perhaps a little bizarre is the fact that, in spite of these colossal numbers, the most-talked about Olympic event on Twitter was actually the Spice Girls’ performance at the closing ceremony, generating an unbelievable 116,000 TPM.

These figures show the power of the internet. According to the International Telec­om­mu­nica­tion Union, 82.5% of the UK population now regularly go online for a number of reasons. Advertising on the internet is huge and the growth of internet business continues; taking advantage of the massive potential audience provided by online marketing is vital.

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